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Personal Injury Lawyers“Accident” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and it doesn’t always mean what we think it means. The truth is that most “accidents” are somebody’s fault.

Consider, for example, the typical car crash. One driver loses track of his or her speed, doesn’t realize that the car is moving too fast, and hits another vehicle in the rear by mistake.

The at-fault driver in that scenario didn’t intend to get in a wreck and certainly didn’t mean to cause anyone harm. That’s why we call it an “accident.” But, the accident was still the driver’s fault – they should have made sure that they were driving at a safe speed.

Who do you think should pay for the damages in that scenario? The law is clear about that: The speeder has to pay. Speeding, after all, is negligent – even if it’s accidental. And that is the basic premise of Georgia’s personal injury law.

As Waynesboro, GA personal injury attorneys, we are here to hold negligent parties accountable for the damages that they cause. Most of these cases involve insurance companies, which are well known for their aggressive efforts to deny victims compensation. We stand up to insurers and fight to get our clients every penny that they deserve.

But personal injury law involves a lot more than merely auto accidents. In addition to car, motorcycle, truck, and boat accidents, we also represent victims of:

  • Negligent security
  • Dangerous property conditions (e.g., slip and fall)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful Social Security Disability denials
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Assault and battery
  • Animal attacks (e.g., dog bites)
  • Electrocution
  • Workplace accidents and other job-related injuries
  • Wrongful death

Working with an experienced and aggressive law firm can make all of the difference. In fact, studies have consistently shown that accident victims typically recover a significantly larger amount of money when they have an effective lawyer on their side.

The Waynesboro, GA personal injury lawyers at T. Madden & Associates, P.C. can bring years of invaluable experience and proven strategy to your case. We also offer a reputation for zealous advocacy, which means that insurance companies know how serious we are about taking them to court and winning.

Insurance companies generally prefer to avoid court, so if they know that you’re aggressively represented by a competent and successful attorney team, they’re much more likely to consider fair and reasonable settlement terms.

A settlement allows you to get the compensation that you deserve without going to court – but it’s crucial that settlement terms reflect a fair value to you (and that they don’t unduly restrict your rights). Remember: You aren’t the one at fault here!

Our philosophy is one that holds defendants and insurance companies accountable. We don’t let them run over our clients, mistreat them, or disrespect them.

We’re here to take a bold and powerful stand on your side. Even more to the point, we’re here to get you as much money as possible.

Call our office and learn more about how our Waynesboro personal injury attorneys can help you today.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover in a Lawsuit?

Georgia personal injury law can provide extensive compensation to accident victims. After all, the court’s goal is to put you in the position that you would have been in, had the accident never happened.

That isn’t always possible, though. A court can’t take away your pain or emotional distress. A court can’t restore the invaluable property. A court cannot reverse embarrassment, agony, or damage to your reputation, nor can it turn back time. And a court certainly can’t begin to make up for the agonizing loss of someone whom you loved.

In most cases, all that the court can do is award money. That money typically represents:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • Hospital costs and other medical bills
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for medical supplies, medication, etc.
  • The cost of physical rehabilitation, psychological therapy, nursing, etc.
  • Lost income due to time away from work
  • Loss of future income
  • Loss of use of a bodily function or talent
  • Loss of a loved one’s financial or emotional support
  • Property damage
  • Any other losses that are incurred as a result of the defendant’s negligence

As you can imagine, courts sometimes have a hard time determining how much money should be assigned to those various losses. Our job as Waynesboro, GA injury lawyers – both in the courtroom and as settlement negotiators – is to maximize the total value of your claim.

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