Distracted Driving Accidents

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Whether you’re driving to work or headed to the store, there’s one thing you can count on seeing any time you’re on the road – distracted drivers. Everywhere you look, you’ll see them rolling by, tapping away on their phones when their eyes should be focused on the road.

While today’s technology has been a blessing, it’s also a curse, especially when a distracted driver crashes into your vehicle. When you get into an accident with someone that was distracted, you need a car accident lawyer in Decatur, GA who will aggressively pursue action to get you compensation.

At T. Madden & Associates, P.C., we are all about getting you the money you deserve, and we’ll stop at nothing to fight for you. Giving back to our community is important, and by targeting distracted drivers to make them pay for their negligent acts, we hope to make this a safer place for all.

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What Is Distracted Driving?

Smartphones and tablets are often what comes to mind when we think of distracted driving. However, many other things can put drivers in a distracted state and send them careening into your car.

Anything that takes attention away from safe driving is considered distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They put distracted driving into three categories – visual, manual, and cognitive.

Visual is just what you think it means – anything that takes your eyes off the road. Manual distractions make a driver take their hands off the steering wheel. Then there are cognitive distractions that divert attention from driving. It’s common for all three of these to overlap, especially with smartphones, when people are texting, searching the internet, or even watching YouTube.

But you’re bound to see people doing other things they shouldn’t be doing when driving of a motor vehicle. Some people are eating, others are grooming themselves, or paying attention to kids in the back seat. Some are busy staring at the infotainment system, trying to find the right song, or use the GPS.

Distracted driving is a problem all over the country, but Georgia’s numbers are among the most alarming. In 56% of all car crashes in the state, there was at least one confirmed or suspected distracted driver. What’s even more alarming is that this is only what’s reported since few people are likely to admit that they smashed into another car because they were shopping on Amazon while driving.

And that’s where T. Madden & Associates, P.C. comes in because we have seen this thing time and time again. We’re tired of watching people in our community suffer from this kind of negligence.

You wind up with medical bills you can’t afford, injuries that are painful and difficult to recover from, and unable to go to work and earn a living, all because of someone’s selfish and foolish acts. It’s unacceptable to us, which is why we want to aid your cause in fighting for the money you deserve from a distracted driver.

As your personal injury lawyer in Decatur, GA, we’re going to fight for the money you deserve and help you get through this. Don’t worry about fees because we don’t get paid unless you do. Call us today, and we’ll hold that distracted driver and their insurance company financially liable for the damages they’ve caused.

What to Do if You Were in an Accident with a Distracted Driver

When you get into an accident with a distracted driver, you may not even realize they were distracted. Often, car accident victims are so shocked that they don’t even notice they’re hurt.

But don’t worry about any of that. Even if you didn’t see that the at-fault driver was distracted or you did and have no proof of your own, we will track down that evidence to support your claim.

We all have distractions on the road, but it’s up to every one of us to drive carefully and give our full attention when we’re behind the wheel. When we see accidents like this, it makes us want to fight even harder against the defendant. There’s no text, no video, or anything else that is more important than getting somewhere safely.

Contact T. Madden & Associates, P.C. and let’s discuss what happened. You may think the insurance company will square things up, but they’re in the business of keeping payouts as low as possible. You may be entitled to much more than what they offer, and we can go over that during a free initial consultation. Get the money you deserve and get another distracted driver off the road to make Georgia a safer state!