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When you or your beloved family member have suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another person, it is reasonable that you have many concerns. The questions going through your mind can be even more overwhelming than the medical bills that have been piling up. A brain injury caused by accidental or intended trauma can completely change your life in ways you may already be seeing and in other ways not yet known. That devastating event can have a long term effect on every aspect of your life. You may miss work and not know when or if you will ever be able to return to your job as normal. 

The financial problems that follow a traumatic brain injury can include medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. If the accident or other event which caused a serious brain injury has you wondering if you are entitled to compensation, contact our office today to learn how a brain injury attorney in Decatur, Georgia can help you receive the monetary compensation you deserve. The law firm of T. Madden & Associates is a black-owned business dedicated to serving our community. When you choose us to represent you during these hard times, you are choosing an advocate who wishes the best for members of our beloved community. 

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, the toll on their wellbeing can show up as problems that are physical, emotional, and behavioral. Lasting effects can include some or all of these types of problems. Sometimes serious damage has been done even without obvious signs such as apparent head wounds or skull fracture. When an accident and subsequent head injury occurs, it is vital that the victim seeks medical attention right away because various problems from a blow to the head or spine are not always immediately noticeable.

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What Can Cause a Brain Injury?

Brain injury can be caused by a number of different types of physical trauma. One of the most common causes of head trauma occurs during a serious motor vehicle collision or crash. Car and truck accidents can lead to some of the most serious injuries emergency rooms see. If a victim’s head collides with the glass of a windshield or side window, injury is often more severe than bruises and cuts. Another common cause of traumatic brain injury happens when a victim falls down in an unsafe area. This could be due to slippery floors or outdated stairs and railing that has not been kept up to local safety codes. When someone else’s negligence creates an unsafe situation for innocent victims, those at fault must be held responsible for resulting injuries, pain, and suffering. 

What Is a Closed Head Injury?

A traumatic brain injury in which there are not apparent and very noticeable fractures to the skill is referred to as non-penetrating or closed head injury. The skull is kept completely intact with this type of trauma and it is the most commonly occuring. However, the lack of apparent injury can be dangerously misleading because inner pressure caused by the trauma may develop slowly or later on. Any time a person experiences head trauma, medical attention should be given as soon as possible to rule out anything that is not easily seen with the eyes. Extremely serious increasing pressure, hemorrhage, brain bleeding, or concussion can be happening below the surface and must be attended to quickly. 

Closed head injuries are often caused by blunt force trauma from falling down or into hard surfaces and during motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes during a vehicle crash, the head can be injured even if the skull did not strike any object directly. Impact can cause violent jolting in which the brain strikes against the skull so intensely that injury occurs similarly to having hit a hard surface. 

As common as concussions are, incidents that cause these can never be taken lightly. Brain injuries that include concussion can be very serious. Those suffering from this type of non-penetrating brain injury may or may not lose consciousness. An altered state of awareness could be experienced. Headaches ranging from mild to severe can cause debilitating pain and suffering. Signs and symptoms vary and many times those suffering do not seek medical treatment so it often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed at a later time. Brain injuries do not need to be severe to cause lasting effects and serious brain damage if not treated properly.

How We Can Help

After you or your loved one have suffered a trauma resulting in brain injury, the main concern for the victim should be to focus on recovery and healing. Someone will need to communicate with insurance companies and anyone else who represents the interests of the party responsible for your pain and suffering. That person should not have to be you when we are a reputable and skilled brain injury attorney right here in Decatur, Georgia. At the law offices of T. Madden & Associates, we are experienced and skilled at negotiating with all parties required throughout the process of working with your claim and case. 

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When medical expenses are piling up and financial payments are due, let us help with recovering what is owed to you in order to cover those. Investigators may want to speak with you during your most vulnerable moments of recovery. Don’t give them the time of day when we are here and ready to do our job. We can deal with all the work of handling your case while you focus on what’s most important right now, your rest and recovery. 

If you have been considering your options moving forward after a serious accident and brain injury, the time to call us for your free case evaluation is now. When you consult with us, there is no obligation to move forward in any way. We will simply look over all the information about what happened to you and let you know what a case would look like and how you could benefit from our representation in this situation. Call the brain injury attorneys that care for you for your free consultation today.