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There is never, ever an excuse for drunk driving. So many innocent people lose their lives because others make irresponsible choices. These deaths are entirely preventable, and that makes it all the harder to accept.

Georgia DUI accident and injury attorneys

Even for drunk driving victims who manage to survive their accidents, the repercussions can be serious and may last for a long time. When drunk drivers get behind the wheel, they recklessly take strangers’ lives into their own hands, and they ought to be held accountable for doing so.

As Georgia DUI accident lawyers, T. Madden & Associates, P.C. are dedicated to getting justice for the victims of DUI accidents and injuries, as well as for their families.

Too often, we have seen entirely innocent people suffer needlessly while insurance companies add insult to injury by handling compensation claims unfairly or dishonestly.

We’re here to lend a shoulder of support and an experienced hand for guidance. We want to be your voice – a voice with which you can speak up and confidently demand true justice. We want to maximize your compensation and deliver you as much money as possible.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a drunk driving accident in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Columbia, Jonesboro, or anywhere else in Georgia, our attorney team can help. You and your family may be entitled to much more than you realize. Please give our office a call right away.

Georgia DUI Accidents & Injuries: Statistics

When you start crunching the numbers, you can quickly come to a chilling realization about the frequency and severity of impaired driving in The Peach State. It happens in big cities and small towns, on back roads and major highways alike. Consider the following:

  • 297 people lost their lives in Georgia drunk driving accidents during 2013 (the most recent year on record).
  • 839 people lost their lives in Georgia motorcycle accidents involving alcohol impairment during 2011 (the most recent year on record).
  • DUI / DWI accounts for 28 to 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in Georgia.
  • In Georgia, drunk driving victims are most likely to be male and between the ages of 21 and 34, though men and women of all ages are affected.
  • In a poll, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that two percent of Georgia drivers were willing to admit that they had driven while drunk during the last 30 days. Experts believe the numbers are much higher than that, due to drivers being reluctant to confess.
  • Drunk driving deaths are estimated to cost Georgia more than $1 billion a year.

Common Injuries in Georgia Drunk Driving Lawsuits

While many DUI accidents are sadly fatal, it is important to recognize the plight of survivors as well. Those who emerge from DWI accidents injured but alive frequently face:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Severe burns, bruises, or lacerations
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Arterial dissection, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or stroke
  • Crushing injuries
  • Internal bleeding and/or organ damage
  • Dermatological injury
  • Dental injury
  • Head, neck, shoulder, and spine injuries
  • Limb injuries/amputation
  • Severe pain
  • Severe / traumatic emotional distress
  • Much more

Whatever the case may be, our Georgia drunk driving accident lawyers can help you get the justice that you deserve.

Statute of Limitations for Georgia DUI Accidents

If you sustain an injury due to a drunk driver, it’s important to file as soon as you can. This is because the State of Georgia has a statute of limitations (i.e., time limit) for personal injury lawsuits. Under Georgia Code § 9-3-33, victims have two years from the “right of action” to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. In most cases, the clock starts to run from the date of injury. However, there are a few exceptions depending on the circumstances. For example, if the victim is a minor, the statute of limitations may be “tolled” until their 18th birthday. Of course, this may not apply to every case, so be sure to check with one of our Georgia DUI accident attorneys to see if you fall under an exception.

Also, keep in mind that there are other reasons not to delay your claim. Evidence may degrade over time, and potential witnesses may forget important details relating to the accident. This makes your evidence less compelling and may jeopardize your case—so it’s essential to explore your legal options immediately following the accident. Keep in mind that if you try to bring a case after the statute of limitations expires, the court will most likely refuse to hear it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I win a DUI lawsuit against a defendant who was acquitted in criminal court?

Yes, when a criminal defendant is acquitted, all that means is that the court did not find him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  But “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard for a criminal prosecution, not a civil lawsuit. The standard of proof is much lower in a civil lawsuit, which means that you can win a lawsuit against a defendant who was acquitted in criminal court.

Can I lose a DUI lawsuit against a defendant who was convicted in criminal court?

Yes, it is possible, although it is not very likely. Criminal prosecution and a civil lawsuit are completely separate proceedings. One way a defendant convicted of DUI could win a civil lawsuit would be to show that his intoxication was not the cause of the accident – in other words, the accident would have happened even if he had been sober.

Can I receive punitive damages?

It is possible. Punitive damages are awarded, not to compensate the victim, but to punish the defendant for particularly outrageous behavior (among other reasons). As a consequence, courts are quite reluctant to award them. Victims of DUI accidents, however, have a better chance than most victims do. If you do receive punitive damages, you will likely receive ordinary compensatory damages as well.

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