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Two clients who were special needs students were being hit and abused by the paraprofessionals in a public school system. T. Madden & Associates took on the case and secured 1.25 MILLION Dollars against 1 of 4 defendants involved in the wrongful actions. The case remains open as T. Madden & Associates continues fighting for the policy limits of the remaining defendants; over $10 MILLION.

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A father and son had a terrible valentine day when they found themselves the victim of a trucking collision. T. Madden & Associates initiated the case which led to the clients receiving over 3.25 MILLION Dollars.

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A group of employees were experiencing a hostile work environment (HWE) and sexual harassment, prior to T. Madden & Associates was able to have the perpetrator fired and the ladies 1.25 MILLION Dollars.

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Client was involved in a collision with a Yukon while driving his Honda motorcycle. The injured party was taken to the emergency room. The call was made to the firm from a hospital in Columbus, GA. We were able to serve the client as if he was next door. T. Madden & Associates was able to recover the policy limits of $1.25 MILLION for the client.

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T. Madden & Associates, P.C. was able to bring justice and $1,050,000 for a couple when nobody could tell them how their son wound up at the bottom of a swimming pool. Many think if nobody saw how the drowning happened, then there can’t be a monetary recovery. T. Madden & Associates would not accept that as a proper response. A wrong occurred and this law firm made the defendant’s pay.

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Three persons were involved in a collision with a Marta bus in a case of distracted driving. The public trial resulted in a $960K recovery for the 3 victims.

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Detroit couple’s son wrongfully killed in a serious and violent motor vehicle collision. The defendant was driving the wrong way on GA 400, at a high rate of speed and under the influence of alcohol. The victim’s parents were left grief stricken. T. Madden & Associates was able to recover $725,000 for the family of the victim.

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A local mother and wife was wrongfully killed in a motor vehicle collision involving a police officer for a metro Atlanta county. The officer was speeding and driving erratically, causing the collision. The victim was an active member at her church and loved by her family and friends. She suffered blunt force trauma to her head, leading to her death. T. Madden & Associates was able to recover $700,000 for the family of the victim, limited ONLY by the low policy of DeKalb County.

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Zina Mcneil

T Madden & Associates were great! No one wants to need a lawyer, but if you do, you want someone to make everything easy. And, they made it easy, I made one phone call and they took care of the rest. They gave updates on the progress which was reassuring. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Quanda Jessie

My nephew was involved in a car accident, this firm handles his case with professionalism and gave my sister the confidence she needed to trust things would be fine. Thank you for your hard work, reassurance and time.

Pat Mitchell

Simply Amazing! I am very pleased with the way T. Madden & Associates handled my daughter’s auto injury case. T. Madden came highly recommend from a friend at church and he did not disappoint. They went to work on her case like she was family. The entire staff was always helpful.

Delores Benford

T. Madden & Associatees is the best decision I could have made. They resolved my collision (auto accident) efficiently and with great results. They provide great service and I like how they give back.

Deb Leslie

T.Madden & Assoc. Is a professional, outstanding, and honest law firm which is something that is rare. Their customer service skills and knowledge is impeccable!

Passionate, Reliable Legal Representation in Clayton County, GA & Broader ATL

Atlanta proper may sit inside of Fulton County, with a corner jutting into DeKalb, but anyone who lives in greater “Gate City” knows that you can’t talk about Atlanta without Clayton County in the mix.

Indeed, Clayton County gives many people their very first taste of the ATL. It’s home to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the single busiest airport in the world.

Residentially, the county is home to just over a quarter-million residents, making it a significant percentage of Atlanta’s impressive metro population.

It’s a place defined by Peach State culture, big-city transit, urban amenities, and small-town flavor… truly the best of all worlds. We’re so proud to serve it as a long-standing Atlanta-area law firm.

Personal Injury Lawyers

As a matter of fact, the Clayton County personal injury lawyers at T. Madden & Associates, P.C. have been working as advocates in the Clayton County community as far back as the turn of the Century, and we command many decades of cumulative legal experience among us.

That includes experience in the courtroom, mediation, negotiation, litigation, client counseling, and so much more. And when we need outside expertise, we work with some of the Peach State’s most credible expert witnesses to bolster our clients’ cases.

Clayton County Courtroom Warriors

We’re up for any challenge. No case is too big, too small, or too novel. Our attorneys have produced successful outcomes in cases ranging from everyday bump-ups on the highway to incredibly sophisticated medical malpractice claims and everything else in between.

Our consistent goal is simple and clear: Get you the cash you deserve for your injury. We are fighters, and we set our eyes on the largest dollar amount available to you under the law.

We believe in honest communication, unwavering respect, tireless passion, and aggressive negotiation. We also believe in the settlement process. In fact, an advantageous settlement can often produce an even better outcome for our clients, as it spares them the headache and expense of a full-blown courtroom trial.

That said, we do not allow the other side to use the threat of a trial to lowball your settlement. If they won’t play fairly, we’re ready to take them to court. We have a strong track record in courtrooms, we’re proud of it, and we’re ready to add to it.

We know the tactics that big corporations (like insurance companies) are fond of utilizing. And we know how to beat them. While no one can ever guarantee an outcome for any given legal proceeding, we are confident in our ability to be a driving force toward a positive goal in each and every case. That’s the reason we’ve earned a reputation as real warriors for Clayton County and greater Georgia.

Our Clayton County injury lawyers are ready to battle for your best interests.

Serving All of Clayton County, Georgia

Clayton County may be an indispensable part of Atlanta, but it’s also a community all its own. The county is comprised of several cities, towns, census-designated places, and a number of smaller, unincorporated communities. These are real people with real stories, and we are privileged to occasionally become a part of those stories – doing everything we can to produce happy endings.

As personal injury lawyers, we proudly serve all of these areas and more:

  • Jonesboro
  • North Jonesboro
  • Forest Park
  • Lake City
  • College Park
  • Bonanza
  • Conley
  • Irondale
  • Lake Harbin
  • Lake Spivey
  • Arrowhead District
  • Flintwoods
  • Botany Woods
  • Clayton Panhandle
  • Ellenwood
  • Flint River District
  • Mountain View
  • Old Dixie
  • Old South
  • Valley Hill
  • Rex

Talk to Our Clayton County Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or someone you know has suffered injury, illness, or setbacks as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should get in touch with an experienced legal representative right away.

Strict time limits apply to most personal injury claims in Georgia, so you want to take action as quickly as possible. Don’t try to handle a claim on your own, though. Insurance companies are wily. They know what they’re doing and will take advantage of you if you give them the chance.

Don’t talk to the defendant or their representatives until you talk to us.

To get started, simply set up a free consultation with our team for an in-person meeting, no matter where you are in Clayton County (including Jonesboro, Riverdale, Morrow, Forest Park, and College Park).  You may also consult with us online, or by phone and ask about our only if you win fee arrangements, including no out-of-pocket costs. We’re here to help. Contact us online or by calling today.

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