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Terance Madden

Terance Madden is the owner and senior managing partner of T. Madden & Associates, P.C. After sharpening his skills as a patent lawyer in Atlanta’s 3rd largest Atlanta-based firm, he opened the doors of T. Madden & Associates, P.C. He is a licensed patent attorney (requires a separate bar license) and currently concentrates the majority of his practice on personal injury law. He has expanded T. Madden & Associates from the Atlanta office, to offices in Jonesboro and Augusta, GA.

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Shofaetiyah “Sho” Watson

Sho Watson is an attorney with nearly two decades of legal experience in the areas of wrongful death, premises liability and catastrophic personal injury. Sho has practiced before courts on both the federal and state level. He has tried cases in front of juries and obtained numerous settlements for clients. His legal experience resulted in financial justice for everyday people and their families. This position is compatible with Sho’s compassion for our youth.

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We highly recommend that you bring any documents and evidence you have with you to your initial consultation so that we can review them.
We also suggest writing down everything that you remember happening before the accident so that you do not forget any important details when you arrive.
Lastly, if you did not receive a copy of the police report at the accident scene, you will need to get one from the police department.