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Dogs can be a beloved member of the family and are often called “man’s best friend,” due to their loyalty and affection for humans. Strong protective instincts and sharp teeth however can lead to dangerous attacks leaving victims with pain and suffering they do not deserve. When a dog’s owner has not properly trained a dog or been negligent about restraining that animal behind a fence or on a leash, they put others at serious risk for injury and infections. If a dog bite has left you wounded and in pain, you could receive compensation for your suffering. There will be medical bills that need to be paid and you may have missed out on income at work while having to seek treatment for your wounds. Contact our office today to find out if the details of your case could result in payment for your suffering and to cover your lost wages and medical expenses from a dog attack.

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Suffering injury or an infected wound from a dog bite injury is many times an overwhelmingly stressful event to experience. The trauma experienced by a dog bite victim is more than just physical wounds. It is common for someone who has been attacked by an unleashed and poorly trained dog to develop long term emotional concerns also. When unfair pain and suffering occurs, we at the law firm of T. Madden & associates are ready to represent victims to seek deserved compensation for injuries. We are proud of our longtime involvement in supporting our local community and efforts to further black excellence. 

If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog and seriously injured, there are actions you can take so that you will be properly compensated for your pain and suffering. Painful dog bites can result in expensive medical bills that you should not have to be financially responsible for. Other financial concerns following this traumatic attack could include lost wages from the time you had to spend seeking medical care for your wounds. You may need to spend money and time seeking emotional therapy for newly developed fears following the attack. 

What Should You Do?

When someone has been attacked and bitten by a vicious dog, they are probably unsure of what to do at first because the shock of that trauma is overwhelming. They may feel confused or unsure of what to do while in a state of shock. The first and most obvious step is to get away from the attacking animal. Once safety from further attack has been established, it is important to recognize that the victim will probably be overwhelmed by stress chemicals and this causes a state of shock. While in shock, some victims do not realize how severe injuries may be and could avoid seeking medical attention due to this. It is important to get medical help right away to help avoid infection. If there is profuse bleeding, that must be attended to first and foremost. Wrap the bleeding wound in a clean towel or clothing item. If someone is available to drive the victim to a medical facility, this is best. The victim should most likely not drive themselves, depending on the severity of their injuries. If there is no one to drive the victim to seek medical help, calling 911 for emergency medical attention may be necessary if bleeding cannot be stopped. 

Filing an incident report with local law enforcement can be an important step when you have been bitten by a dog. Law enforcement can help with gathering information or contacting animal control if the dog is loose and putting other members of the community at risk. When officials are involved with investigating the details, it can be more likely you will obtain all needed information to move forward. Once vital piece of information is the vaccination records of the dog that attacked. It is important to know the vaccination status of the animal because an unvaccinated or improperly vaccinated dog can cause serious infection or other disease to a person following a bite. Present vaccination information to medical personnel when they are evaluating and treating the wounds.

After wounds have been immediately attended to, contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. When a dog bite has caused serious injury and pain to someone, the experienced dog bite attorneys at T. Madden & Associates can help you receive deserved compensation for your suffering and trauma. For many years we have been focused on giving back to our community, so when you choose us, you can rest assured you make a choice that philanthropically gives back. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. We do not get paid unless you do and we will fight for what you deserve after a dog bites. 

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Thinking about hiring a dog bite lawyer can be a lot to consider. You may be worried that it will be too expensive to have an attorney representing your case. When we say our work is offered on a contingency basis, it means that if you don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a penny. We only collect fees when you win so we will fight for you and your best interests every step of the way. Working to help the good people in our community in this way is an important part of the way we approach our business. 

At T. Madden & Associates we are personal injury and dog bite lawyers who care about you, a valued member of our community. Our years of philanthropic work through the Terance Madden Foundation have shown a deep dedication to the well-being and improvement of our local community. Among the values we strive to support include investing in the development of youth and their future growth furthering black excellence. When you are seeking financial compensation for pain and suffering from a dog bite, choose to be represented by the law firm that consistently supports you and your community. Giving back is important to us. When you win, we all win.