Legal FAQ

Auto Accidents
What Should I Do after a Georgia Auto Accident?

Trucking Accidents
What Causes Most Georgia Trucking Accidents?

DUI Accidents
Can I win a DUI lawsuit against a defendant who was acquitted in criminal court?
Can I lose a DUI lawsuit against a defendant who was convicted in criminal court?
Can I receive punitive damages?

Wrongful Deaths
Who can file a wrongful death claim in Georgia?
What kinds of damages are available, and who is eligible to receive them?
Are there any time limits on filing a wrongful death claim?

Nursing Home Abuse
What are the most common types of nursing home abuse?
What are some of the indicators of nursing home sexual abuse?
How can I prove nursing home abuse?

Dog Attacks
What Can I Recover in a Georgia Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Slip and Fall
What Other Injuries Does Georgia Premises Liability Law Cover?
Will the Property Owner Cooperate?
What Kinds of Property Are Subject to Georgia Premises Liability Law?
How Do Georgia Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?
Do Slip and Fall Cases Usually Go to Court in Georgia? Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Negligent Security
Which Types of Property Owners Can I Sue for Negligent Security?

City FAQ


Is it difficult to sue someone who caused my accident and resulting injuries?
What type of financial compensation can I recover if someone else caused my injuries?
I suffered injuries in a motor vehicle collision caused by a driver who works for someone else. Can I sue that company?
What are the factors that influence the value of my claim?
What evidence should I gather after the accident?
What is a commercial truck’s ‘black box’, and how can it help my case?
Should I purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?
What is Med Pay?
Is it easier to win a claim against a defendant in a commercial truck crash than against a defendant in a car crash claim?
What kind of claim should I file if my loved one died in a car or truck accident?
Should I sue or settle?
What is the statute of limitations deadline for a vehicle accident claim?
How can I obtain compensation if I was injured because my airbags failed?
If I can prove that the driver was breaking a traffic law at the time of the accident, will I win my claim?
Do I have to prove my case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’?


Which legal actions to take, when to take them, and which law firm to trust?
Not sure if you have a claim? Undecided on whether your injury is worth filing a lawsuit over? Leaning toward legal action but unclear about how much the lawsuit might be worth? Confused about your legal rights?