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The high-force impact of a commercial truck can be destructive to other cars during a traffic accident. This is why it is crucial for truck drivers to ensure they follow all safety protocols. However, truck drivers sometimes are negligent behind the wheel, resulting in horrific truck accidents. When you are injured because of a truck accident, you may be burdened with catastrophic injuries. The severity of your wounds may even force you to stay home, resulting in lost wages.

It is difficult to focus on the legal portion of an accident while you are trying to recover from your wounds. If you were not at fault for your injuries, you can be compensated for your injuries. With the help of a truck accident lawyer, you can receive a fair resolution. They can seek a settlement on your behalf to help you pay for all damages, and avoid suffering the financial consequences of your truck accident. To learn more about how to get started, call T. Madden & Associates, P.C. today for a free consultation. 

Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accident victims can suffer from many injuries. Trucking accidents often crush cars, send them airborne, or even flip them. A truck crash can cause serious injuries because they carry massive weight and momentum. Tractor-trailer accident cases are one of the most devastating and are often the cause of catastrophic injuries. Drivers of passenger vehicles involved in truck crashes can sustain the following injuries. 

Photo of a crashed truck

Broken Bones 

You might fracture or completely break bones in your fingers, hands, wrists, arms, legs, ankles, feet, and toes. All of your appendages can be injured during impact, especially if you are moved around your car at high speeds. It is not uncommon to fracture your ribs and clavicle because your chest is an exposed area that can hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the hood of your vehicle. Sometimes your airbag can cause broken bones because of its high-speed release. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

A semi-truck accident can cause traumatic brain injuries because their massive force can send passenger vehicles careening. You may hit your head on the walls of the car or be struck by a blunt object during a truck accident. Severe injuries include concussions, hemorrhages, hematoma, and penetration wounds. Brain injuries are deadly and often the cause of wrongful death. They can cause long-term damage you may never fully recover from. 

Burn Wounds

When commercial trucks cause auto accidents, they are more likely to explode compared to other vehicles. This is especially the case if they are carrying volatile or hazardous chemicals. You can suffer from first, second, or third-degree burns. Burn wounds are not only painful, but they can leave you paralyzed and disabled. The scar tissue may never heal and require surgery for removal. 


Wounds caused by a truck accident can leave you seriously disfigured. After you fully recover from your injuries, the scar wound can dampen your morale and make you lose self confidence. This can result in emotional trauma that leaves the trucking company legally responsible for your damages. 

Spinal Cord Injury

Depending on where you were injured along your spinal cord, you may be dealing with a temporary or permanent disability. Spinal cord injuries are one of the most deadly personal injuries. If you received a mild injury after a serious accident, chronic back pain alone can make you feel fatigued. Pinched nerves, slipping spinal cord discs, herniated spinal cord discs, and severed spinal nerves can cause more serious complications like paralysis and radiating pain. You may have hemiplegia or paraplegia that forces you to remain disabled for the rest of your life. 


Whiplash is a serious injury caused by the quick forward and backward motion of a car during a truck crash. This puts strain on the muscles in your neck and can make you suffer from migraines, neck stiffness, neck pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms. 


When a limb is damaged beyond repair, it may require removal by your doctor. This can happen if bones are crushed badly, the arm is too severed to be reattached, or the limb was removed during the crash. Amputations are devastating and completely change how you live your life.

Damaged Organs

Tractor-trailer accidents put you at high risk of puncturing a lung or piercing other organs. Even if your organs are not pierced, they can be bruised so badly you bleed internally. This is a life-threatening circumstance that requires immediate medical attention. 


You are likely to experience scratches, lacerations, and deep gashes that result in heavy bleeding. Even without broken bones, lacerations can be so painful that you are temporarily disabled until you fully recover. 


If you do not have cuts or broken bones, bruising alone from your injuries can be deeply debilitating. Bruises occur when the blood vessels or veins under your skin bleed. The blood is trapped under the skin and makes your skin appear blue and black in the damaged regions. Your bruises are not only tender to touch, but also make it difficult for you to move around. 

Seat Belt Injury

When a truck accident happens, you may have been restrained by your seat belt so intensely it caused a serious injury. The seat belt can fracture collar bones, injure your groin and hip region, and even fracture your ribs. 

What to do After You’ve Been in a Truck Accident

As soon as you are hit by a negligent truck driver, you need to begin preparing for your truck accident claim. A personal injury lawyer can guide you on how to hold the trucking company and their insurance company liable for your personal injury. Steps you should take before you file a personal injury claim include the following:

  • Step 1: Calling 911
  • Step 2: Filing A Police Report
  • Step 3: Receiving Immediate Medical Treatment
  • Step 4: Taking Pictures Of Your Property Damage
  • Step 5: Taking Photos Of The Accident Scene
  • Step 6: Collecting Information From The Truck Driver
  • Step 7: Collecting Contact Information From The Eyewitnesses
  • Step 8: Calling Reputable Augusta Truck Accident Attorneys
  • Step 9: Reaching Out To Your Car Insurance Company
  • Step 10: Avoiding Posting About Your Accident On Social Media
  • Step 11: Declining Recorded Testimonies
  • Step 12: Following Up With Your Augusta Truck Accident Attorney
Photo of a crashed truck

Your attorney will work tirelessly to hold the truck driver’s insurance company responsible for your injuries. Augusta truck accident lawyers investigate your case, find proof, and negotiate a fair settlement with the responsible party. Our law firm’s experience in truck accident claims will help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. 

Types of Compensation You Can Claim After a Truck Accident

Augusta truck accident lawyers estimate settlements using both economic and non-economic damages. These include:

Medical Bills

Any medical treatment you received because of your car accident injuries will be considered a form of damages. 

Pain And Suffering

Your emotional turmoil can also be compensated for. It is not fair for you to suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety, grief, shame, or other sad emotions because of another’s negligence. 

Lost Wages

You will be compensated for any lost income you were unable to receive because of your injuries. Painful wounds often require time away from work. This can last for weeks and even months. 

Property Damage

Car insurance companies might not cover the entire cost of property damage after a horrific truck crash. This is entirely dependent on your policy, so you need to discuss this with your insurer. The remaining cost of repair or replacement of your vehicle can be included in your truck accident settlement claim. 

Wrongful Death Damages

If you are a surviving family member, dependent, or eligible survivor listed in the victim’s estate, you can claim damages on their behalf. Damages such as funeral bills, burial fees, loss of earning capacity, lost benefits, loss of consortium, and more can be recovered by your settlement claim. 

Who Is at Fault in a Truck Accident?

Ultimately, it is your truck accident lawyer who can define who is or is not at fault based on the evidence. If the truck driver was the only contributor to your truck accident, then their company will be 100% liable for your damages. The truck driver has to be negligent in some way to be considered at fault. For example, they may be a fatigued driver that fell asleep and caused your truck accident. 

Photo of a truck and car collision

However, if you or other parties contributed to your accident, then you or other parties will be held liable. For example, if you were 10% negligent because you decided to answer a phone call right before a truck accident, then the other party would only pay 90% of your damages. Other involved parties would need to compensate you for the percentage they were at fault for. 

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