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How Much is My Georgia Auto Accident Claim Worth?

Accidents in the state of Georgia injure motorists and damage property each year. When those injuries occur because someone was at-fault, those involved typically need assistance with their recovery. The monetary value of a Georgia auto accident lawsuit involves numerous types of damages – including both economic and non-economic.

Just some types of examples of monetary damages that your claim could seek, include:

  • Medical Expenses – Victims could be entitled to compensation for their medical bills that arise from the result from the care received for their accident. This can include emergency room visits, ambulance rides, hospitalizations, surgeries, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, medications, equipment, etc.
  • Lost Wages – Any time taken away from work (including future wages) for your injury could be reimbursed to you, as part of your case.
  • Pain and Suffering – This compensates you for the physical and mental stresses associated with serious injuries. It can include things like emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, permanent disability or disfigurement, physical pain, mental torment, etc.
  • Permanent Injuries – This includes injuries that will affect you the rest of your life, including impairment, amputations, disfigurement, permanent scars, etc.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity – Some injuries are so severe that victims can no longer work, or their financial contribution to their family suffers greatly. In these instances, victims can seek compensation for their loss of earning capacity.
  • Loss of Consortium These injuries include the harm done to one’s marriage or familial relationships, which can often be long lasting. These include a client’s inability to assist with childcare or a spouse’s daily household duties that are sorely needed during their recovery.
  • Punitive Damages – These are not awarded in all accident claims. Instead, they are awarded when the defendant’s actions were severe or malicious and require punishment by the courts.

Factors That Influence the Value of Your Case

Most Georgia accident victims want to know how much their auto accident claim is worth. Unfortunately, there is not a magic formula for determining this. To answer the question, victims must look at a multitude of factors that insurance claims adjusters and car accident attorneys use to compute compensation amounts. The value of a person’s claim will vary extensively, depending on the severity of the accident, cost of injuries, etc. Just some factors that will aid in determining how much a claim is worth, include:

  • Who was at-fault?
  • How severe are the injuries?
  • How do those injuries affect the victim’s life?
  • What was the victim’s income status before the accident? What will it be after he or she has recovered (if he or she can recover)?
  • Do you have health insurance?
  • Did the at-fault individual have auto insurance?
  • What was the extent of the property damage?

Seek Assistance from an Injury Attorney in Georgia

After sustaining serious injury from an automobile collision, hiring an experienced attorney is not often the first thing on a victim’s mind – but it should be. Consulting with a qualified personal injury auto accident attorney immediately after an accident can give you more time to focus on seeking medical care and treatment while assuring all the evidence is preserved. Your attorney will handle all legal matters, file necessary claims, and ensure that your injuries are fully compensated. To get started on your injury claim, contact T. Madden & Associates, P.C. Schedule a consultation today at 770-756-9311 in Atlanta and 706-524-7784 for Augusta. You can also inquire about our services online via our online contact form.

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